Meet Becher-Madsen Service

Becher-Madsen Service is a modern, family-owned business with a proud tradition in storage services and the distribution of products for both small and large companies.

Behind the company
The company was founded in 1988 by Hans Otto Madsen, on the values of quality, excellent service and meeting customers’ interests.

Today the company is run by son Jonas Dalgaard Rose who with a workforce of 65 – consisting of permanent employees, freelancers and youth workers – continues to work from the same solid set of values.

Becher-Madsen Service strives to create the best possible working environment, which is why we care about our employees’ working conditions. Not only because we want to have healthy, happy staff, but also because we believe that our employees’ welfare generates better solutions and results for our customers.

Broad area of expertise
We focus to a high degree on areas such as Pick and Pak, storage facilities and product distribution, and we have a broad customer group, where the individual customer has 1-2 regular contacts assigned to them. This means that we can quickly gain an overview and understanding of your company’s needs, and an in-depth knowledge of your individual product.

As we work with a large number of different products, we can handle food packaging in our approved packing room. And since 2011, we have been approved to package organic foods in our packing facility.

A safe and responsible company
As a packaging, storage and distribution company, we want to provide consistent standards, innovation and quality. That’s why we keep up to date with everything from technology and knowledge to the training of our own staff. In 2014, we were approved as a training facility for the 4-year course to become a storage and terminal technician.

We want to be a responsible company that not only trains young people, but also achieves optimum result for our customers – every time.

Contact Becher-Madsen Service
On this page you can find further information about our different products and services, and see how we have helped other customers.

Pick Becher-Madsen Service as your business partner. We advise on individual services and also total solutions by putting our extensive experience and expertise at your disposal.

Contact us by telephone: +45 4716 1606, or e-mail: or via our contact form.

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