At Becher-Madsen Service, our first priority is to invest in customer satisfaction, loyalty and success. That’s why advising our potential, new and existing customers is something we value highly, so that they get a package solution that corresponds with their specific needs.

Dialogue and experience-based advice.
With many years in the industry, we have solid experience of logistics, packaging and distribution of a wide range of products. We gladly share this experience and can advise on everything concerning a packaging project – both before, during and after a given task. We talk to you and listen to your needs to find the best possible and most cost-effective solution that meets all your requirements.

Thorough advice and the total solution
We offer total solutions, where you as the customer receive advice about anything from packaging design, packing, distribution, shipping and much more. In other words, we can take your product and prepare a complete solution for it, one that takes everything into account.

Our advice is thorough and impartial and examines all possible options. We are good at thinking out of the box, which means you can have bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

If we happen to encounter a task that we cannot fulfil by ourselves, we have extensive knowledge of the industry and many longstanding business partners. That’s why you can still safely entrust your job with us. We provide thorough, high quality advice and sparring, so you always know what is going to happen when and what to expect.

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Take advantage of high quality advice and make the most of your partnership with Becher-Madsen Service.

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