Re-palletting and container emptying


Becher-Madsen Service is your professional business partner for re-palletting and container emptying. We guarantee the correct handling of containers and pallets, from receipt to re-palletting products and any eventual storage.

Effective and correct re-palletting
Products on pallets, such as US/CAI pallets, can be re-palletted on approved EURO pallets that meet Scandinavian rules and requirements. We can also manage the correct re-palletting and stacking of your products on pallets using either transport or storage.

We can also provide re-palletting, whereby we re-pallet your products from large pallets to smaller pallets for campaign spots. No job is too big or too small. Regardless of the scope of the task, we guarantee you effective and correct re-palletting of your products.

Container emptying and storage
We generally provide container emptying as part of our total solution. We empty your container, ensure correct palletting of your products and store your products in ultra modern storage.

The container can also be shipped directly from the ship to our warehouse, where we empty it ourselves. When emptying containers, we naturally check the goods received, so that you know what you have ordered and what has been received. The pallets are then transferred to our warehouse, where our professional and updated storage system enables us to find them quickly and effectively.

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