Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap – practical and smart
Do you need practical packaging where several items need to be packaged together as part of a product? Or do you want a product that oozes exclusivity? Then shrink wrap might be the right solution for you.

Manage your packaging needs with shrink wrap
At Becher-Madsen Service we specialise in shrink wrap, which is a slightly unusual packaging. The main purpose of shrink wrap is to make the product visually sellable using a clear foil packaging.

Using special machines and foil of varying thickness, we can shrink wrap both small and large items, while giving you a packaging solution that meets all your needs and expectations.

We are able to create cohesion in your product by putting together all the necessary parts of the product into one complete unit. We can also seal e.g. books, DVDs and boxes, so they appear new and exclusive. Shrink wrap is particularly useful for packing many small items together so they don’t fall.

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